Democratic candidate Grover Cleveland, who was running for president and enjoyed a flawless reputation amongst masses, was severely impacted by this scandal in 1884. As per records, a top newspaper issued a story about his long-term affair and an illegitimate child. The story highlighted him as the father of a child from a widow named Maria C., further stating that the relationship had been active for almost a decade. Soon other newspapers also started publishing stories about the scandal. Surprisingly, Cleveland did not deny them contrary to public belief.

He directed his campaign officials to let out the truth only. According to the presidential candidate, he had met the widow seamstress a few years back, terming it a casual rapport. Maria Halpin was familiar with most of Cleveland’s close aides and friends. When both found out about the child, Cleveland was quick to take responsibility as the father. He was not entirely sure about the child’s paternity, but he was the only bachelor amongst the lady’s ex-intimates. Cleveland took charge, offering financial support for both Maria and the child.

Maria claimed that the democratic candidate was indeed the parent and even named her child Oscar Folsom Cleveland. As Cleveland made efforts to settle both the child and the mother, Maria failed to maintain the rapport. She was an unfit mother, so Cleveland had to send the child to an appropriate foster care facility while he was still young. He volunteered to provide childcare support and orphanage charges, as Maria was not an able parent to raise the kid. The news, however, did not affect his election campaign in a big way because Cleveland was able to satisfy the electorate. He won the election by admitting the truth, playing honest, and taking responsibility. The issue, when hit the campaign, caught people’s attention, and so created the chant, ‘Ma Ma, where’s my PA, Gone to the White House, ha, ha, ha?’!