Another significant presidential scandal that had a massive impact on the U.S. government and the community was the Monica Lewinsky affair. Bill Clinton, the president at that time, was already facing several trials, but the most notorious of these was his affair with the white house staff official, Monica Lewinsky. Reportedly, she had an intimate relationship with Clinton, who tried desperately to cover up the news. After several denials, he admitted having been involved with the official and termed the rapport as an ‘improper physical relationship’.

This affair was among the most prominent U.S. political sex scandals that had the 49-year-old Clinton involved with the 22-year old intern, staff member. Investigations revealed that they were engaged in this relationship from 1995 until it got uncovered in 1998. Following the revelation, Clinton made a television appearance in January 1998, in which he denied the involvement in his ending remarks. He said he ‘did not have sexual relations with that woman’. However, the investigation committee went ahead for a further probe to dig up the evidence that had the president impeached and fined for perjury by the U.S House of representatives.

Previously, a 21-day senate trial saw him clear of the charges and acquitted on all grounds for obstruction of justice, including perjury. Later, Clinton had to face civil contempt of court charges and a fine of $90,000 by judge Susan Wright for providing misleading testimony in the Lewinsky case. The affair had a negative impact on the president’s administration and his political career. His license for law practice was revoked, and he was disallowed any representation in the U.S. supreme court as a state official as well. He was the second president to have been charged in the U.S. history after Andrew Johnson.